Sustainable travel options for solo travelers

Andrew Neel

Traveling solo? Discover sustainable travel options that respect the environment and your budget. From eco-friendly hotels to public transportation, explore the best options for your next solo adventure.

Carbon offsetting schemes as part of responsible tourism

Eline SUN

We all love to travel, but sometimes it can be a bit daunting to think about the environmental impact of our journeys and the ways we might be contributing to global warming. Luckily, there are Carbon Offsetting Schemes that allow us to take responsibility and travel more responsibly. What is carbon offsetting? Carbon offsetting is […]

The impact of over-tourism on local communities and the environment

Crowded by Sabel Blanco from Pexels

Over-tourism is a phenomenon that has increasingly become a concern in recent years. It refers to a situation where a destination receives more visitors than it can sustainably handle. This results in negative impacts on local communities and the environment. The Problem One major impact of over-tourism on local communities is the strain it puts […]

The Joys of Sailing: Exploring the World in an Eco-Friendly Way

Sailing by Matheus Guimaraes from Pexels

Are you looking for a way to explore the world in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way? Then sailing is the answer! It’s a great form of transportation that allows you to discover nature and new places without damaging it in any way. With sailing, you can make use of the wind and ocean currents […]

Choosing the right sustainable travel company

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As people become more environmentally conscious, sustainable travel companies are becoming increasingly popular. These companies offer a variety of different services, from ecotourism to sustainable transportation options, and work to reduce the negative environmental impact of tourism. If you’re looking to vacation in a way that won’t damage the planet, there are several great sustainable […]

Geotourism: Why It Matters for Sustainable Travel

from pexels by Siva Seshappan

We’ve all been there. Standing in front of a map, trying to decide where to go on our next vacation. Do we want to explore a new country? Or maybe visit some ancient ruins? But what about those who want to travel in a more sustainable way? What are their options? What about geotourism? One […]

Costa Rica: A Sustainable Travel Destination

White monkey Brett Sayles from pexels

Costa Rica is quickly becoming a leading sustainable travel destination. With its rich biodiversity, stunning landscapes, and commitment to sustainability, Costa Rica offers travellers much more than just an amazing vacation experience. Costa Rica is a place where you can truly connect with nature and learn about ways to protect our planet. In this post, […]

Will Heatwaves in Europe Ruin Summer Holidays?

by javier gonzalez from pexels

It’s not just the UK that is experiencing a historic heatwave this summer – Europe as a whole is feeling the effects of rising temperatures. This could mean trouble for countries that heavily rely on tourism income during the summer months. With wildfires, extreme heat, mudslides and heatwaves becoming more frequent, will travellers be put […]

Amazing pools in Madrid

When the heat waves hit, and summer is persistently making the sun an enemy, people often look to find pools and other water-based activities to stay cool. What if you’re in the middle of a busy city? Madrid is the capital of Spain, and one of the largest cities by population. It’s also one of […]

Train Travel: Why You Should Use It More

train by pixabay from pexels

There are many reasons why train travel should be used more often by people. For one, it is a very sustainable form of transportation. It also can be a lot more fun than flying, and it’s a great way to travel to different places that are close to each other. In this blog post, we […]