Our mission is to show you the world – the parts that aren’t in the guidebooks!

Brave Traveller is a collection of travel lovers from around the world. Our passion is to explore as much of the world as we can, but always in safe, sustainable ways. We believe sharing our travel experiences is the most natural way to discover places we wouldn’t normally think of. It allows us share tips and tricks for the right ways to visit other places and learn from one another!


Our vision is to create a community that inspires thoughtful discussion about travel. Our world is a beautiful but fragile ecosystem and there are ways we can enjoy and appreciate that whilst causing a minimal impact. All it takes is some forethought – something that’s much easier when you share your perspective on the world with other like-minded people!

None of us are dedicated travel writers – we don’t see this as a job, but a passion. We believe that building a community is only possible if we’re talking about shared experiences. It’s a lot harder with professionals talking to non-professionals.

We always want to learn and getting other perspectives is vital to our success – so if you have your own experiences you’d like to share, please do get in touch with us!