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My favourite places to visit in Hangzhou

A City of Beauty and Culture: Exploring Hangzhou

When I think of Hangzhou, I think of a city of beauty and culture, with so much to explore. Hangzhou is a city of history and culture, located in Zhejiang Province, China. It has been a famous destination since the Southern Song Dynasty (1127–1279) and is a popular tourist destination today.

As a travel writer, I’ve had the pleasure of visiting Hangzhou multiple times and I can confidently say that it has some of the most beautiful places to visit. From ancient temples to stunning lakes, here are my favorite places to explore in Hangzhou.

West Lake

No trip to Hangzhou is complete without visiting the iconic West Lake. It’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the city’s most popular attractions.

The lake is surrounded by a stunning landscape, with lush gardens and tree-lined paths. There are also many historical sites and temples to explore around the lake, including the ancient Lingyin Temple and the Leifeng Pagoda.

The lake’s scenery changes with the seasons, and there are a variety of activities to enjoy, such as boating, biking, and hiking. The West Lake is also home to some of Hangzhou’s finest restaurants, making it the perfect place to spend an afternoon or evening.

Qiandao Lake

Qiandao Lake is another popular destination in Hangzhou. It’s an artificial lake that was created by the construction of the Xin’an River Hydropower Station in 1959. The lake is known for its clear, blue waters and stunning views of the surrounding mountains.

The lake is a popular spot for boating, fishing, and swimming. There are also a variety of outdoor activities, such as hiking, camping, and rock climbing. Visitors can also explore the nearby temples and ancient villages, or take a cruise on the lake.

Xixi Wetland Park

Xixi Wetland Park is a unique natural area located in the western part of Hangzhou. It’s a protected area that covers over 1,000 hectares and is one of the few wetland parks in China.

The park is home to a variety of birds, plants, and wildlife. It’s also a great spot for bird watching, and visitors can take boat rides through the park to get a closer look at the wildlife.

The park is also home to a variety of cultural attractions, such as traditional architecture and ancient temples. Visitors can also explore the park’s many trails, which offer stunning views of the wetlands.

Xiaoshan Scenic Area

The Xiaoshan Scenic Area is located in the southern part of Hangzhou and is a great spot for a day trip. The area is known for its beautiful scenery and lush green landscapes.

The scenic area is home to a variety of attractions, such as ancient temples, traditional villages, and natural hot springs. Visitors can also explore the area’s many trails, which offer stunning views of the surrounding mountains and rivers.

The area is also home to a variety of outdoor activities, such as hiking, boating, and fishing. Visitors can also enjoy a variety of local specialties, such as the famous Xiaoshan beef noodles.


Hangzhou is a city of beauty and culture, and it offers a variety of attractions to explore. From its iconic West Lake to its lush wetlands, there’s something for everyone in this stunning city. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing day trip or an adventure-filled holiday, Hangzhou has something for you.

So if you’re looking for a unique destination filled with beauty and culture, Hangzhou is the perfect place to visit.